Acnecinamide Sun Cream SPF 15


Acnecinamide Sun Cream SPF 15

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Sun exposure limits the application of anti-acne products during the day as UV may cause permanent skin damage. Acnecinamide® Sun SPF 15 cream may help your acne or acne prone skin in preventing sun light damage whenever you use an anti-acne product. Vivatinell has prepared a new sunscreen composition that causes no breakout reaction of pimples and clogging of pores to aggreviate the acne lesions. Acnecinamide® Sun SPF 15 cream both prevents blemish formation and controls excessive oil, sebum production and could be applied on pimples and acne-prone skin. Apply 20 minutes before exposure to sun in generous amounts. Reapplication is directed every 4 hours or after swimming and towel drying. The formula of Acnecinamide® Sun SPF 15 cream makes the sun screen resistant to water and sweating. Apply Acnecinamide® Sun SPF 15 cream after using acne products, other dermal care products or before using coloured cosmetics. Avoid eye contact. Dermatologically tested. Nonphototoxic, nonphotoallergic.

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