Nutrigen Growmega with L-arginine helps children's growth


Nutrigen Growmega with L-arginine helps children's growth

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Nutrigen Growmega Syrup is formulated with the purest and carefully selected amounts of fish oil sourced from sustainably fished waters and is fortified with the vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing children.

Bone formation and height growth in childhood occur through a sophisticated mechanism and need essential nutrients to achieve strong bones. Current clinical trials show that the traditional wisdom of giving just giving vitamin D supplements to stimulate bone growth is no longer valid. The trials have shown that to fully achieve the beneficial effects on bone formation, other vital nutrients are essential and needed for good bone health.

Nutrigen Growmega Syrup is different from all known conventional fish oil syrups, not only in its composition and taste, but also in its fish oil content. The fish oil fatty acids EPA and DHA, zinc, L-arginine and vitamins K and D are the essential nutritional factors to promote the development of bone structure and height growth in children.

As we all know, the main problem faced when trying to get children to take fish oil syrup is its taste, which often makes them very reluctant to drink it. Nutrigen Growmega Syrup, with its starch-encapsulated fish oil, offers amazingly tasty syrup served in fresh orange juice.

L-arginine is an essential amino acid for rapidly growing children, and is can stimulate the release of the body’s growth hormone. It also provides energy for the growing bodies by making them burn up more sugar.

No sugar, artificial sweeteners, sources of phenylalanine or colourings.

Contains real orange juice

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