Nutrigen Omega with 4 vitamins and 2 minerals


Nutrigen Omega with 4 vitamins and 2 minerals

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Daily micronutrients for continuous brain development.

Nutrigen Omega Fish Oil Syrup with 4 Vitamins and 2 Minerals is formulated with the purest and carefully selected amounts of fish oil sourced from sustainably fished waters and the vitamins and minerals that are vital for the continuous brain development of your children.

Children’s success at school, the ability to learn well and high IQ levels are inevitably important to all parents and their communities. The competitive pressures of modern life urge us all to be more efficient individually and to make us desire to overcome the inevitable challenges we face. Naturally, parents wish the same for their children. Nutrigen Omega Fish Oil and Vitamin Mineral Syrup provides parents with the opportunity to significantly boost their children’s performance in these vital areas.Your child’s brain and nervous system continue to grow and develop after birth. The brain develops during childhood and there is little opportunity to improve its function and performance once children enter adulthood.

Nutrigen Omega Fish Oil Syrup with Vitamins and Minerals is different from all known conventional fish oil syrups, not only in its composition and taste, but also in the fish oil. The fish oil used in Nutrigen Omega syrup is in starch-encapsulated ingredients that use only the active components of the fish oils known as EPA and DHA. By serving the fish oil in capsules, any undesired tastes and odours are masked.

The EPA and DHA fish oil Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are proven to have beneficial effects on brain development and to support the body’s systems.

No sugar, artificial sweeteners, sources of phenylalanine or colourings.

High EPA and DHA fish oil content

with virgin olive oil and strawberry after taste.

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