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Revigen Vinifolin for Men

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Scientific studies conducted in Japan in 2000 found medical evidence that apple procyanidins- especially procyanidin B2 increased hair growth by 300 percent over the control studies. 2 years later in a laboratory study, published in British Journal of Dermatology a molecule extracted from apples, known as Procyanidin B2 played an important role in the hair growth cycle. Procyanidin B2 seemed to promote hair growth by prolonging anagen (active growth) phase of hair cycle. Two more clinical trials and some other published studies have confirmed the hair-growth promoting effects of apple procyanidins. Clinical trials imply that apple procyanidins not only increase total numbers of hairs and terminal hairs but also promote an increase in hair diameter. When apple procyanidins applied on the scalp there occurs an intensive hair follicle activation leading to fuller and stronger hair.

Male pattern hair loss is a condition that affects mostly young men, but also women are affected, especially when they are in their middle ages. Other than this condition many people experiences thinning hair, seasonal increases in hair shedding and suffers dull, lifeless and damaged hair. Now you have Revigen vinifolin, a hair care product that may help you to overcome the hair and scalp problems.

Revigen Vinifolin is apple procyanidin based aqueous tonic with provitamin B5 and biotin, applied topically to stimulate hair follicles and accelerate hair follicle activity so as to stop hair loss and promote healthy hair and scalp in any instance that you want to take care of your hair. Revigen Vinifolin makes use of apple procyanidins that are nature’s most powerful compounds that have been scientifically proven to promote the health of hair and scalp with provitamin B5 and biotin both of which help stimulating hair follicle.

Revigen Vinifolin helps maintain your scalp in good condition and stimulates hair follicles to encourage the growth of healthier hair.

Revigen vinifolin is designed to be used twice a day. Th ere are no side effects, no unpleasant odour, and no irritation. The formula promotes the health of your hair and scalp. It is discretely packaged in a pump spray for ease of application.

How do apple procyanidins help your hair growth?

Procyanidins from apples are far more potent antioxidants than ordinary vitamins. In medical studies, apple procyanidins have been shown to improve protein synthesis, and to counteract environmental factors that cause hair follicles to shrink and wither. They also "call" resting hair follicles into active growth, and limit cellular processes that cause hairs to shed. Together, this powerful combination increases the productivity of your follicles. The result is longer, thicker, healthier hair- and more of it.

What are apple procyanidins?
Apple procyanidins are a group of polyphenolic compounds that are known as procyanidin B2, B3 and C1. The richest known source of procyanidin B2 is the skins of immature (baby) green apples. Among the apple procyanidins, B2 found to be most effective in promoting hair growth.

How much procyanidin does Revigen Vinifolin have in it?
The apple extract used in Revigen Vinifolin is standardized to procyanidin B2, but also covers all other apple procyanidins in it. The concentration of the solution is adjusted to 1 % procyanidin B2. In all clinical trials 1 % solution found to be the best possible strength for stimulating hair follicle.

Are apple procyanidins safe?
Apple procyanidins are tested safe and produce no irritation or unwanted side effects.

Clinical studies have confirmed the surprising hair growth-promoting effects of apple procyanidins. Those findigs are increased in total number of hairs and terminal hairs, enlarged hair diameter, intensive hair follicle activation, thicker and fuller hair.

Revigen Vinifolin is used twice a day. The formula promotes the health of your hair and scalp. It is discretely packaged in a pump spray for ease of application. Spray 9 times onto clean and dry scalp. Massage thoroughly the tonic into your scalp for 5 minutes. Do not wash or rinse your hair after Revigen Vinifolin is applied for 4 hours. For better results, minimum of 4-6 months' usage is recommended. One bottle of Revigen Vinifolin is one month supply.

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